What is a #hyperobject?

To call something a hyperobject means to consider its inherent multidimensionality. Imagine a single mountain as a fraction of all mineral species, or the millions of years it took to form “mountain” at all. Hyperobjects are comparable to hashtags, implying metadata of time and space.


is an ongoing interspecies art performance in honor of all expressions of life. It allows artists, through creative expression, to contribute to environmental stewardship and be part of a planetary community to play, learn, unlearn, and expand their consciousness. 

How does this work?

You can geotag hyperobjects like #water, #sun or #dolphin on an interactive map by attaching artworks that relate to them. 

Interspecies stewardship

Once fully deployed, likes, shares, purchases of artworks and other contributions to the ecosystem generate monetary value through a cryptographic token system. These funds are then distributed between yourself and crowd-sourced, small-scale environmental projects.

Environmental micro-projects

These micro-projects narrate relationships between life forms that shape a local community’s roots, sense of belonging, and sociocultural identity. They are meant to be simple gestures of ecological care and refrain from imposing non-local environmental solutions or conditions on how funds have to be spent. What features do these projects have to have to empower and protect communities?

Quantum meditation

The term „hyperobject“ implies a consciousness shift that exceeds any linear concept of identity. In our virtual quantum meditations you can „tune into“ one hyperobject at a time and create artworks from these vast inner journeys. You may think of yourself in form of a “quantum selfie” in relationship to surrounding life forms, elements and metabolisms: e.g. reflecting on the mineral content of your bones in relation to a #mountain you might be sitting on.


Hyperobject Virtual Lab

The lab collectively explores and activates this format in online sessions. 


Session 1 (9/19) 
11-12:30am Pacific time


Presentation of the project 

Creation of individual quantum selfies

Q + A



Session 2 (9/26)
11-12:30am Pacific time

Dambi Kim (Seoul, Korea) + #plant:
Herbal Spirit: live tea & incense ceremony, herbal tarot reading

Dambi Kim (she/her) focuses on developing intimacy & emotional intelligence with invited guests in a verbal/non-verbal way. Based on environment, nature, science, anthropology and sensory analysis, she conducts research on herbs & plants to produce functional foods and drinks. Her ritual-esque service is multi-sensorial, experimental yet possesses a certain messagXe for a human society. With her practice, she hopes for a revival of a lost connection between nature and humans. She is currently based in Seoul working on workshops, food experimentations, and modern rituals using all other senses of a human body. Image: Dambi Kim

     Read interview with Dambi Kim here


Session 3 (10/3)
11-12:30am Pacific time

Ecology + Kinship

What is an environmental micro-project? Which features are required to protect and empower communities? What is eco-reciprocity? We're honored to have Felipe and Dk talk about their mission on earth and help us figure these questions out. Image: Felipe Aracena


Felipe Aracena (he/him) is a nature photographer and researcher of the Mapuche cosmovision and other ancient cultures in South America. His mission is to preserve oral indigenous knowledge, the concept of kume mognen (mapuche) or sumaj kausay (quechua) = “good living”. He facilitates ceremonies in collaboration with traditional plants, educational workshops and earth rituals. >

DK Osseo-Asare DK Osseo-Asare (he/him) co-founded the Ashesi Design Lab as Chief Maker and is Assistant Professor of Architecture and Engineering Design at Penn State University. He also co-founded Low down design office in Ghana, an architecture studio that realizes high design through low cost, low energy tech solutions as well as Agbogbloshie makerspace platform, a series of maker camps to imagine the future of Ghana's largest e-waste processing zone.


Session 4 (10/10)
11-12:30am Pacific time

Quantum meditation: #water

Feel the waves wash over and through you, hydrate your cells with oceanic infinity, shapeshift through molecular states and chrystalline geometries. May you remember your liquidity at all times. Join us to paint, draw, shape or write our #water journeys!  Sound in collaboration with Miguel Oliveira.


Session 5 (10/24)
11-12:30am Pacific time

Quantum workshop: #time

We’ll be looking into different types of temporalities, archetypes, synchronicities, geometries and oscillating systems. I’ll be guiding a meditation in which we consciously work with time in quantum manifestation, bending time, timeline jumping and time travelling. 


Session 6 (10/31)
11-12:30am Pacific time


Terra0: Notes on the materiality of NFT‘s
terra0 (as a research group) favors a materialist reading of blockchain-based tokens as always entangled with their site and event of production. In earlier experiments with the medium of unique non-fungible tokens (NFT‘s) they explicitly bound tokens to manual and artistic work in a specific environment. This talk will frame the relation between existing token economies and the related externalities - thereby trying to sketch new ways of agency through the creation of speculative assets. Image: Terra0, Two degrees, 2021

Ecological Economy

How can ecology and economics synthesize into forms of stewardship? What is a circular economy? Can blockchain play a role in climate justice and individual sovereignty?


Görkem Bereket (he/him) is a blockchain communications specialist with an academic background in sustainability and nature conservation with circular economy, planetary boundaries and systems thinking focus. 


Session 7 (11/7)
11-12:30am Pacific time

Quantum meditation: #mineral
Minerals contain memory records of all species and systems in deep time, geological time, ancestral infinities. Who was here before? Can you hear their sounds? DNA codes are stored within christalline structures. Tectonics are forming mountain ranges, new continents, in timeframes that appear abstract. Gravity is anchoring us to a liquid core while meteoric iron is ejected into our galaxy in stardust clouds. This is a collaboration with LA-based El Larson who became a sound practitioner after perceiving audio reverberations of Buddhist chants in her bones. 

El Larson (she/her) is a Los Angeles-based sound practitioner and wellness designer who works with sound and space to help balance internal and external environments. Whether applying modalities to individuals, groups or the built environment, she considers the intent, current and fundamental nature, and factors of balance to offer remedies that mitigate stress and support healing. El is certified in sound healing, reiki, Ayurveda, feng shui (BTB school), and the WELL and fitwel building standards. She has studied and practiced healing modalities for over 20 years, and personal practices include several limbs of yoga, martial arts and shamanism. In 2018 she sought to apply principles of balance and wellbeing to public space and the built environment, and began working RoTo Architects while continuing her sound practice. She is grateful to blend her experiences, visions and years of training into a suite of remedies that help balance our environments, on every scale.


Session 8  (11/14)
11-12:30am Pacific time 

Dr. Yewande Pearse (Los Angeles, USA) + #dna:
an audio-visual exploration of genetic play

We’ll be exploring galactic back-end code and ways to communicate with it, the idea of a ‘quantified self,’ DNA ASMR, horizontal passing along of ancestral wisdom, inclusive technology, the infinite magic of sound, and a 528 hz activation.

“There’s only one life form on this planet, and it has a sense of humor. DNA explores itself as a frog, tapir, jaguar, human, orchid, bird, and pink-bellied dolphin.” - Alberto Villoldo

“DNA is a quantum computer that localizes a non-local omnipresent consciousness or spirit into spacetime energy information and matter.” - Deepak Chopra

London-born Dr. Yewande Pearse (she/her) is a neuroscientist and research fellow at The Lundquist Institute in Los Angeles. In the lab, Dr. Pearse’s work has specialized in treating rare genetic brain disorders with stem cell therapies. Outside of it, she has popularised science inclusivity, contributing to Massive Science as a writer and hosting a globe-spanning series of live events, podcasts, and talks, including First Fridays Connected with the Natural History Museum, L.A., and the YouTube series‚ Music on My Mind‘, with John Legend. Image: Anatoli Ulyanov.


Session 9 (01/16)
11-12:30am Pacific time

Elisa Balmaceda (Santiago, Chile) + #sun
Solar Alignment: A cosmic journey into planetary geometries

How do we connect to the sun? And how does the sun connect us to everything on earth? Can a mountain be a platform of observation, or an antenna for energies and electromagnetic waves that communicate with us?

Through our screens, we'll align ourselves with Elisa and Rodrigo on top of a mountain in the southern hemisphere to embark on a cosmic journey. We'll be learning how to connect ancestral and modern technologies to become aware of the entanglements of our embodied presence with the planetary geometries we all inhabit.

Elisa Balmaceda (she/her) is a visual artist, experimental educator and researcher. Her work explores the entanglements between the biosphere and the technosphere, the material and energetic realms of the human and the non-human relations and the cosmic and planetary geometries and ecologies related to them. Image: Elisa Balmaceda 

Session 10 (02/20)
11-12:30am Pacific time



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Judith Sönnicken (she/her) is an artist, quantum athlete and cosmologist. She creates sustainable, multidimensional formats exploring the architecture of consciousness. Her practice implies sound, objects, VR, guided meditation, and matrix energetics.


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